ACA Meeting Format North Club Sunday

Meeting Format

Grand Rapids, North Club, Sunday 7:00 PM ACA


Welcome to the Sunday night meeting of Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

Will you all silence your cell phones. Let’s start with a moment of silence followed by the ACA Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, Courage to change the one I can, And wisdom to know that one is me.

We meet to share the experiences we had as children growing up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home. That experience infected us then, and it affects us today. We all have different experiences, but share the desire to recover from the effects of family dysfunction. This is a safe place to share your adult and childhood experiences without being judged. We will accept you even before you’re able to accept yourself. By practicing the Twelve Steps and by attending meetings, we find freedom from the effects of alcoholism or other family dysfunction. We learn to live in the Solution of reparenting ourselves, one day at a time.

Our next business meeting will be on the first Sunday of the month (give date) following the normal meeting.

Are there any guests from other groups that wish to be recognized?

Are there any here for their first ACA meeting anytime, anywhere?

Newcomers Welcome

If there are no newcomers, skip this section.

May we please first go around the room and introduce ourselves by our first name.

We are glad you are here. Keep coming back. The ACA program is not easy, but if you handle what comes up in the first few meetings, you will start to come out of denial. confronting your denial about family addiction or dysfunction will give you freedom from the past. Your life will change. You will make friends and truly learn how to live with greater choices and personal freedom. You will learn how to focus on yourself and let others be responsible for their own lives.

In ACA we do not “cross talk”, which means we do not give advice or console others after they speak. We are working toward taking more responsibility for our own lives rather than giving advice to others; listening and being heard is the most important way we can help each other.

At this time, one or two members will briefly share what brought them to ACA and how they’ve experienced strength and hope in the program.

Regular Readings

We will go around and together recite the Laundry List. (BRB 5, DA 384)

We will now have someone one read, The Problem. (BRB 589, DA 386)


Tonight’s sharing is around:

The format for sharing today will be popcorn style (or around the circle).

There are __ people present, so let’s try limit our sharing to __ minutes each.

(Proposal: halfway through we’ll pause for announcements and to observe the Seventh Tradition.)

Seventh Tradition

Our group is self-supporting, declining outside contributions, as stated in our Seventh Tradition. Please pass the basket for donations.

Will someone please read The Solution?? (BRB 590, DA 388) (Proposal: read right after The Problem)

In closing we thank you for joining us. Our group has a phone list we can share for those who would like to discuss recovery between meetings.

Who you see here, what you see here, let it stay here. Please join me in the Serenity Prayer.