Step Study Meeting

ACA Step Study Meeting

Grand Rapids, North Club, Thursdays 7:00 PM.

Note: This provisional format is from Brad O’s notes of what the group conscience aggreed on 30 May 2019 to try for several weeks. We also voted to start meeting from 6:30-8:00 PM starting Thu 13 May 2019 for several weeks to see if we like a longer meeting time.


Could I have volunteers to read The Problem and The Solution later in the meetings. (Or did we decide The Steps?)

Please join me for a moment of silence followed by the ACA serenity prayer.

Welcome everyone, is there anyone here who this is their 1st time to an ACA meeting?

Have people read the chosen readings.

First Meeting Welcome

(Read if there are new members. Remember to hand out a welcome packet.)

This is not your typical Adult Children of Alcoholics and/or Dysfunctional Families meeting. This is an ACA Step Study meeting focusing on the Yellow Workbook. We are applying the 12 steps as they pertain to qualifying ACA members. To be a member all you need is to idenify with the common traits summed up in the “Laundry List” which consists of the following (read The Laundry List).

You are welcome here and you can obtain a workbook from the club bookstore or online at We read the workbook, answer the questions, do the exercises and activities on our own, and come here to share our experience, strength, and hope.

Any questions can be asked following the meeting and also may be found in your newcomer packet.

Step Study

Welcome to the 12 Steps of Adult Children Yellow Book workbook study group meeting. We continue this wee on page __ at the pargraph beinning with the words ___.

  1. We will go around the table.
  2. When it’s your turn, read a paragraph or two then pass or share briefly (1-2 minutes).
  3. When we finish a section, I will note how much time there is for each of us to share, and those that want to may each share about the section content.

Halfway Through

Let’s take a few minutes to practice the seventh tradition, that every ACA group ought to be self supporting, declining outside contributions. Add paragraph and 7th tradition.

Are there any ACA announcements?


Please stand and join me in the traditional Serenity Prayer.

What you hear here, who you see here, let it stay here.